Coffee locations in Richmond Hill, ON

With its rich cultural diversity and equally diversified restaurant industry, Richmond Hill, ON is home to over a dozen coffee shops which serve the locals with fresh coffee prepared from local and international sourced coffee and spiced up with different flavors to achieve the required taste. Below are some of the top coffee locations in City of Richmond Hill that are dedicated to serving coffee as their main item on the menu:

BB Cafe- Richmond Hill

Located at 10067 Yonge Street, BB Cafe is one of the leading coffee brewers in the town and opens from 10 am to 10 pm throughout the week. This fine coffee shop offers the best when it comes to flavored fresh coffee and the coffee shop setting is very cozy. The homey atmosphere is further boosted by the fact that the joint also offers additional beverages and light eats including house made pastries, tea, simple but tasty cafe dishes and more. With their five-star coffee, excellent customer service, and unbeatable prices, its easy to see why Caffeine Cylinders Cafe has emerged as one of the most loved coffee joints in town.

Covernotes Coffee House

Next on the list is Covernotes Coffee House, a medium-sized coffee shop that also specializes in serving a wide variety of baked goods to go with the coffee. This very popular gem of Richmond Hill uses fresh African coffee beans to prepare the tastiest coffee while still offering global teas, snacks, and access to a rarely used but very unique bookstore. Covernotes Coffee House is located and 10268 Yonge Street near BB Cafe and runs between 8 am and 7 pm all week long.

Elephant Grind Coffee

Coming third on the list is Elephant Grind Coffee, a high-profile eatery which apart from serving a variety of high-quality coffees selections also offers breakfast and brunch foods. Located at 10 East Wilmot Street, Elephant Grind Coffee opens from Wednesday to Monday and is one of the busiest coffee shops in town thanks to their hard-earned reputation of being exceptional in every aspect of service delivery.


If you are looking for a perfect place to hang out with friends or family as you sip your favorite cup of hot/cold coffee and surf the internet using free Wi-Fi, you have over four Starbucks location to choose from within the city. Just like all other Starbucks coffee shops in other cities, you’ll get quality, tasty fresh coffee available in different flavors, and baked goods all at affordable prices.