Coffee locations in Newmarket, ON

Coffee in City of Newmarket is not an ordinary affair or just a mere cup of hot beverage to pass time and stay warm. It does matter to the people of Newmarket to take sips of hot coffee down their throats along with the usual fragrance and taste. Although there are many franchises and lots of big names for coffee, none of them competes with the local taste of hospitality and warm coffee served in little coffee shops on every street and around every corner of Newmarket town.

My Indie Coffee Roasters

If you happen to be in Newmarket, do visit the My Indie Coffee Roasters to have coffee. Enjoy the specially brewed coffee with delightful cakes, biscuits and pastries served in an exceptional manner. The dedicated serves will attend to you in a very elegant manner. They make you feel special and will remember you and your usual order when you come back. This makes the joint one of the town’s top-rated and most-visited coffee joints. My Indie Coffee Roasters is located at 17817 Leslie Street.

Second Cup Coffee Co.

Located at 18040 Yonge Street, Second Cup Coffee Co. is another popular spot that offers tasty coffee in an easily accessible location with a scenic outdoor view. This drive-thru Coffee shop is great with quick refills of your favorite coffee blend and they also offer tasting samples to their new clients. They have a whole line of baked goods and snacks and for their customers. Second Cup Coffee Co. is not a coffee shop you’d want to drive past if you’re a true coffee enthusiast.

Cardinal Press Espresso Bar

Cardinal Press Espresso Bar is another attractive place for good coffee and coffee lovers in Newmarket that is located at 222 Main Street South. Situated in the heart of the town, Cardinal Press Espresso Bar has many amazing features like free Wi-Fi, live entertainment, great snacks, and pastries and a warm cozy setting. This place is not only affordable but serves the best drinks in Newmarket. People from all over the town and beyond come to Cardinal Press Espresso Bar to taste the great coffee and oven-fresh delicacies served at great prices.

The Maids Cottage

Last on the list is The Maids Cottage, a unique joint that specializes in selling all kinds of teas and coffees in a relaxing homey setting. This family-run joint is one of the most prominent coffee locations in town. The specialty of The Maids Cottage is their local hospitality, comfortable seating and refined atmosphere. Hundreds of people visit this place every week to enjoy the many delicacies they have on their menu.