Best Lunch Restaurants Scarborough ON

The diversity of Scarborough Ontario doesn’t stop with the people. The Toronto borough is also home to the greatest diversity of food in the Greater Toronto area. The inexpensive and authentic cuisines in the east-end suburb of Toronto make it a favorite spot for Torontonians looking to grab a quick bite. That’s why you’ll always find a lot of traffic in and around Scarborough over lunchtime. Folks are looking to take a gastronomic cruise even if it takes the ordinary downtowner about 30 minutes to get to the borough. The trip is well worth seeing that most people make the daily trip. Here are some of the best lunch restaurants worth checking out in Scarborough.

Terry’s Restaurant & Bar

The comprehensive menu, great food, and remarkable service make Terry’s one of the most popular fares in the neighborhood. The owner seems to be a bit of a neat freak. Every surface in the little eatery is spotless. You can eat off the table. That’s not all there is to the restaurant though. Terry’s is a superb souvlaki fare serving traditional Greek eats, hot sandwiches, steak, and pasta all day long. You come here if you want healthy servings for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. There are a few TVs to keep patrons entertained, and after the recent renovation, the interior décor completes the atmosphere.

Fast Ninja Bites

Foodies love Fast Ninja Bites for one reason – hefty servings of finger licking lunch dishes. The katsu is so big that you’ll probably keep enough to get stuffed the next day. That’s not they serve though. The Japanese fare has everything from chicken katsu on rice, regular sandwiches, taro chips, beef bulgogi on rice, pork katsu, and plenty of Japanese inspired dishes. It’s pretty hard to recommend a single meal at the restaurant since everything so tasty and full of flavor. You’ll not regret ordering anything on the menu. Fast Ninja Bites does tend to get a little crowded though. To avoid waiting, call in your order.

Baretto Caffe

The Italian inspired café doesn’t seem like much on the outside. You might mistake it for a hole-in-the-wall fare when walking up to it. Once you get in though, be ready to experience Italian pasta and salads in a new way. The pasta and salads are always fresh, giving them a creamy, savory taste that never seems to go away. Each bite is like a trip to Naples, and the customer service only makes the experience better.