Best Lunch Restaurants Markham ON

Being a busy city, you spend too much time walking or driving around hoping to find the perfect restaurant for a quick lunch. What you want is an established fare where you can go with your friends, or alone, and have an awesome time accompanied by great food. Here’s a short list of some of the best restaurants in Markham Ontario. Granted, there are lots of restaurants in and around the city, but these four have a long history of great service and food.

Komeya Cafe

Although Komeya Cafe only opens from Friday to Sunday, Komeya Cafe is one of the few restaurants you must check out. They have a fantastic lunch menu and they are conveniently located on Markham Road. There’s a private parking lot for patrons, which is ideal for folks driving around the city. There’s no outside sitting space, but you can bring your kids along which is really nice for parents looking to have a bit of fun with their young ones here. The little restaurant is popular with the young crowd mostly because of its casual atmosphere. They serve lots of dishes like Japanese Pork Don, Salmon Poke with kales noodles, and egg rice. When you don’t feel like making the drive to Markham Road, you can always call Komeya Cafe for takeouts.

Corner 20 Cafe

For a new restaurant to make waves in Markham, it must doing a lot of things right. Corner 20 Cafe is the only restaurant in this list that’s less than a year old. However, residents are raving about this little fare. What they love about it is the freshness of the food. The restaurant prepares all its pastries which makes desserts really fresh and tasty. There’s tons of parking space close to the restaurant as well as a private parking lot downstairs n the condo. They open every day of the week apart from weekends and they serve generous portions of everything, but their lunch menu isn’t that extensive. Corner 20 Cafe is the perfect little fare for brunch.

Mother’s Deli Bakery

One of the more convenient, and popular lunch restaurants in Markham, is Mother’s Deli Bakery. The little fare is located in Unionville and serves tons of delicious food. There’s homemade beef patty, pasta with homemade sauce, veal sandwiches, and lots of dessert options. They’re open each day apart from Sundays. There’s no waiter service and Wi-Fi here but that’s not a dealbreaker. Mother’s Deli Bakery laid back atmosphere will make you want to go there every lunchtime.