Best lunch restaurants in Whitby, ON

Whitby, ON has a very interesting food scene that deals in all kinds of cuisines from all parts of the globe including authentic American fare, Chinese, Indian and more. Below are some of Whitby’s most loved restaurants and what they have to offer:

Melanie Pringles Restaurant

This is one of the high traffic restaurants in the town that is popular for its old-fashioned decor that remind you of the ’50s. Located at 80 Thickson Road, Melanie Pringles Restaurant offers a wide selection of American fare and their services are quite appealing. Recently, the restaurant has gained a large local following which has led to a slight rise in their prices but with their quality of food and their generous portions, Melanie Pringles Restaurant remains one of the go-to restaurants in the city.

Nice-Bistro Restaurant

Located at 117 Brock Street, Nice-Bistro Restaurant is another casual restaurant in Whitby Ontario that features a comfortable setting where you can sit back and enjoy your favorite lunch food from their wide selection of French, and Mediterranean coast cuisine. Nice-Bistro Restaurant has particularly gained huge popularity for its unique crêpes that are available on their lunch menu. The restaurant is open for lunch between Tuesday and Saturday beginning from 11:30 am to 2 pm.

Chatterpaul’s Restaurant

This is a contemporary chef-owned restaurant that features a chic romantic vibe. The restaurant concentrates mainly on the quality and presentation of food and has come to be known as the perfect place for lunch dates. Chatterpaul’s Restaurant is located at 3500 Brock Street and opens from 11:30 am to 9 pm all week long.

The Brock House

This is another romantic lunch and dinner restaurant in Whitby that features a rustic setting for quiet lunch dates and more. The restaurant is quite small in size and is almost always fully booked. They have a very long food and drink menu which includes wine and beers.

Hot Rocks Creative Diner 

Hot Rocks is a casual walk-in restaurant that also accepts reservations. The restaurant features a lot of tasty delicacies in their very rich menu including lots of meaty main dishes, a variety of pasta dishes and tasty wood-fired pizzas among others. Hot Rocks Creative Diner is located at 728 Anderson Street and opens from 11:30 am to 2 pm all week long.

Others include Bistro ’67, The Lake Grill, Corrados Restaurant & Bar, Harvest Restaurant, Wolfgang’s on Brock, A Tavola Bistro, and A Tavola Bistro, Greek Tycoon Restaurant, and Butchie’s.