Best lunch restaurants in Aurora ON

Aurora, ON is very popular due to its many world-class eateries and restaurants that are dedicated to providing their clients with the tastiest meals from every corner of the world. If you happen to get stranded in the streets of Aurora when choosing a great lunch restaurant, below are some few suggestions to help you sail through:

Bijoy’s restaurant

This is a casual restaurant that serves internationally inspired seasonal meals served in its eclectic atmosphere and at an affordable price. Located at 42 Temperance Street and operating from 9 am to 2:30 pm, Bijoy’s restaurant has the best dishes for a light or heavy lunch. They are known for their efficiency at service and also excellent at cooking. This small family-run eatery has a diversified menu to suit the needs of the entire family. The delicious meals are served hot and in generous portions by the ever smiling attendants. This popular eatery serves their meals fresh and their eating arrangement is great for big families or large groups of people.

Dos Mariachis

This is a colorful Mexican eatery located at 444 Hollandview Trail that runs from 12 pm to 9 pm excluding Sundays. They serve excellent meals at competitive prices. Some of their specials include; tacos, burritos, cheese, chocolate, and caramel sauce all having an authentic Mexican taste and served in Mexican style setting. It is the best Mexican restaurant in town. The atmosphere is cool and their interior decor gives the restaurant a cozy look. The place is always clean with great music playing in the background. The servers are very attentive you are smiling and getting the best of services. This place is definitely a goal scored for local Mexican cuisine.

Aqua Grill        

This is a relaxed modern eatery located at 15150 Yonge Street that runs from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm except on Sundays. This casual eatery prepares its food from fresh locally sourced ingredients. They are known for their excellent customer service and high-quality meals. They have an eclectic atmosphere suitable for an awesome lunch. Their menu is mostly seasonally based as they source their ingredients from local farmers. Some of their specials include meats, seafood, and pasta among others depending on the season. All their dishes are very tasty and served in hearty portions. This is a great place for family and friends as the attendants are very friendly and always attentive. Apart from being a casual restaurant, Aqua Grill is very popular with couples going on lunch dates.