Best Dinner Restaurants Scarborough ON

While Scarborough is not known for its upscale dining experience, patrons flock to the neighborhood for its diverse and affordable gastronomic experiences. Restaurants here offer a diversity that even the big cities failed to provide, and at half the price, it is hard not to want to go for dinner in one of the many establishments in Scarborough. A U.S economist, Tyler Cowen, said on his blog that Scarborough On was the best ethnic food suburb he’d ever come across in his life. Lots of people appear to agree with him since Scarborough is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world. Here are some of the best dinner restaurants guaranteed to let you experience all the diversity the Scarborough community has to offer.

Smith’s Bros

Looking for something elegant yet straightforward near downtown Toronto? Smith’s Bros on 880 Warden Avenue is the perfect spot. Serving the best barbecue with sides, Smith’s Bros welcomes the entire family for an evening of delicious meat and seafood. They have an extensive menu of great eats, and if you find it hard to make a decision, the waiters are only too willing to make a recommendation. The only downside to the restaurant is it can get loud during happy hour. The full bar and TVs showing sports events draw quite the crowd. It gets loud enough to make intimate conversations almost impossible. There’s a private parking lot for patrons, but there’s no Wi-Fi. Make a point of visiting the eatery on Thursdays and try the ribs platter with matchstick fries.


Rasa is one of the most frequented dinner spots in Toronto, and for good reason. The Canadian fare’s trendy and casual atmosphere makes it a perfect pick for dinners, regardless of the occasion. Waiters here are social and friendly. They are always willing to tend to the needs of their customers making sure they are seated in less than 5 minutes. It gets a bit busy, owing to its popularity, so you might want to make a reservation. There’s a full bar should you want to grab a quick drink before heading home. Whether you intend to amaze date or looking to impress a client, you’ll never go with Rasa.

The Elm Tree Restaurant

A favorite dinner restaurant in Downtown Core, The Elm Tree Restaurant serves the best Lamb Shank in Toronto. There are lots of other dishes including Mediterranean and Modern European cuisines, but make sure you try the Lamb Shank. The restaurant’s laid back, and casual atmosphere makes it a favorite haunt for love birds.