Best Dinner Restaurants Markham ON

Looking for restaurants where you can go for a quick bite in the evening or even celebrate a special event in your life? Markham On has tons of restaurants to impress your date, celebrate a promotion with your friends, or even spend some time in solitude away from the clamor of everyday life. Here are some of the best dinner restaurants in and around the city.

Smash Kitchen & Bar

Foodies in Markham and visitors who get to hear about it. love Smash Kitchen & Bar. The traditional American and seafood fare is where you go for lip smack worthy seafood in a casual atmosphere. You can order anything on the menu here and still want to order seconds. That’s how delicious food at this small fare is. It seems that Smash Kitchen & Bar has caught on with the popularity of their menu. They hiked the prices on most of their meals, so you might find items a bit overpriced. That’s not a dealbreaker if you’re looking for tasty dinner dishes and a few drinks afterward.

Inspire Restaurant

Looking for a unique menu in the city? Look no further. Inspire made a name for itself with its fusion food offerings. They always have a way of coming up with a unique twist on popular dishes. You get dishes like the INSP Loco Moco, a popular prime beef with coconut rice, and the thick and chewy udon carbonara among others. Every meal here is a journey through thousands of flavors. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed making it one of the better choices for dinner.

Azyun Restaurant

There are tons of Chinese restaurants in Markham, but by any measure, Azyun is the best Chinese fare in the city. Known for its finger smacking truffle rice and fried chicken, Azyun brings the Chinese culture to a quiet, relaxed, and ambient atmosphere. The chefs here also love trying out new things so don’t be surprised to get a few fusion items on the menu. There’s only a handful of tables here, so you better grab your reservation or get there early if you’re to enjoy dinner here.

Draco Markham

If you want to impress your date, then you always go to the Draco Markham. First, it is located inside the main lobby of the Marriott hotel in Markham. That means you’ll be dining in a 5-star hotel! If that doesn’t impress your date, the menu and service will. There are lots of appetizers, or Shareables as Draco calls them. Then there’s all that comfort food on the menu accompanied by soothing music. What more can you ask for on a date?