Best dinner restaurants in Uxbridge, ON

When it comes to places where you can have dinner, Uxbridge On has the best restaurants that you could think about. These restaurants range from small to high end or luxury restaurants. The fact that many people fancy dinners, it is important to make an informed choice when deciding the place where you want to grab a bite from. Whether it is in your usual joint where you unwind after work or a new place altogether, you can be confident that you will find the best dinner restaurants in Uxbridge, ON. Below is a rundown of our top choice dinner places in greater Ontario, CA.


When thinking about a ranking restaurant, you don’t want to put quality of food fast and forget service delivery. At Popiandys, they have factored all aspects that make having a dinner at their restaurant a bliss. They have the most friendly, caring and professional staff. Another positive aspect about this joint is that they are fast in service delivery, making it the best restaurant not only for dinner but fast lunch.

Martin’s Place

Despite the fact that this restaurant is little smaller than other top hotels, it has a versatile menu with almost any type of food. In fact, the restaurant is highly recommended by visitors who find quality of food and excellent service delivery quite characteristic. It is strategically set in a vintage building along Uxbridge’s Windsor Street. Being highly accessible makes the restaurant a good pick among visitors.


Are you looking for Asian food in Uxbridge, ON? If yes, think no further than Javitri Restaurant. In fact, this hotel picks the best dinner restaurant in Uxbridge, ON since it doesn’t disappoint. The food is well priced without comprising quality, but yet a well-endowed menu. Whatever you could be willing to grab for your evening, Javitri has it all for you.

Nonna Rosa

If you are looking for a high standard Italian restaurant, then Nonna Rosa is the place to be. Even though the price here is reasonably high, the quality of food and service you get complements it all. There is a lot to order including lamb cutlets and Mozarella dough balls.

These are the top four best dinner restaurants that we found in Uxbridge, ON. Despite the fact that there are others that will outdo any of these, we had several reasons to make them our top four! The quality of food, reasonable prices and charming environment offer the perfect combination of a fun restaurant.