Best dinner restaurants in Aurora ON

With all the numerous restaurants in Aurora Ontario, ON, getting a perfect dinner restaurant that with fulfilling all your culinary needs might prove to be a little challenging. For this reason, this article is aimed at pinpointing the top dinner restaurant in Town.

General Thai Chinese Cuisine & Vegetarian

Located at 15531 Yonge Street, General Thai Chinese Cuisine & Vegetarian is a family-run restaurant that is known for its high-quality food, excellent customer service and quick deliveries for take-out services. Their attendants are known for their friendly nature and cheerfulness while at work. The restaurant opens from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm on a daily basis and offers hearty meals with options for Vegetarians and vegans.  The interior decor is classic and gives off a homey feeling. They have an online platform where you can order your meals while at home for almost-instant deliveries depending on your location. They have a wide variety of meals and their menu is constantly updated.

Chuck’s Chicken Plus

This is a fast food restaurant located at 2 Henderson Drive that opens from 11 am to 9 pm with their main specialty being fried chicken. Their different chicken dishes are well prepared and served in generous portions and at competitive prices. The attendants are always courteous, quick and friendly. For take outs, the meals are well packaged and their chicken dishes are the tastiest within the town.

Orchid Thai

This is a Thai restaurant located at 15474 Yonge Street that opens from 11:30 to 9 pm. They have the best coconut rice within the town among other Thai centered dishes. They lack competition as they stand best at service and their prices are way too good in their services. The restaurant has a great atmosphere which is created by the warmth and beauty of the contemporary interior decor. This place is good for the whole family. Alfresco dining is also an option and features spacious outdoor seating space with comfortable seats and nice tables. The attendants are very hardworking and professional at their work and the chefs are exceptional. Meals are served hot and tasty and they also make order dishes. The menu is diversified to include most tradition Thai dishes. You cannot afford to pass by the Orchid Thai.

Kababa Express

This is a Persian restaurant located at 15236 Yonge Street that runs from 11 am to 10 pm all week long. This family-run restaurant offers the highest quality meals and at an affordable price. This is one of the finest restaurants in the town and their customer service is excellent. Their interior decor is great creating an expensive mood in the restaurant. They serve their hearty meals in generous portions and the services are nothing short of professional.