Best dinner restaurants in Ajax ON

Ajax, ON is a popular town with popular high-end dinner restaurants that rank among the best in the entire Ontario region. These restaurants offer a wide variety of dinner delicacies in different kinds of settings and vary greatly depending with some featuring well-lit spaces with modern decor and while others come with rustic but cozy interior decor. Generally, the dinner restaurants in Ajax On are remarkably good. Here are some of the best dinner restaurants in this beautiful City:

Retro Burger

This is a popular hamburger joint located in Baywood Centre at 105 Bayly Street that opens from 11 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday. This contemporary Retro Burger restaurant has the best burgers in town and they are all intriguingly prepared from different ingredients. The burgers are served with no delays as the attendants are very swift and attentive. They have an extensive menu with a wide selection of burgers for dinner. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is very cozy and appealing. The warm welcome you receive when you walk into Retro Burger elevates your appetite and anticipation.

Mexico Lindo

Bringing Mexico to Ajax, Mexico Lindo is an ethnic Mexican restaurant that serves authentic traditional Mexican dishes in a laid-back space. Located at 200 Harwood Avenue, the restaurant opens at 11:30 am and closes at 9 pm on a daily basis and offers great services and remarkably low prices. This diner has gained a lot of popularity as a result of their excellent dishes and competitive prices coupled up with the great location and easy accessibility of the restaurant. So if you like your food the Mexican way, all you have to do is head out to Mexico Lindo.

Helmand Kabab House

Initiated in 2013, Helmand Kabab House is a family-owned restaurant inspired by the community to bring quality kababs into the Ajax residents and its visitors. It is strategically located at 190 Harwood Avenue and runs from 12 to 10 pm daily, offering the best halal dishes to its customers. This modern eatery is committed to offering tasty and healthy meals all the time. Their food is professionally made with utmost perfection Helmand Kabab House is mostly known for its high-quality Afghani cuisine which brings the finest taste of the Afghan food to Ajax town. Their customer services are excellent and the diner is always well organized and clean.

Other top dinner restaurants in Ajax, ON are Sauter’s Inn Restaurant, Aunty’s Recipe, Churrasco of Portugal, The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, Samosa Hut Ajax, and Maimana Naan & Kabab among others.