Best Dinner Restaurant North York, ON

When you visit North York Ontario for a business trip or even for a vacation, be sure that you will find excellent restaurants to eat dinner with your family and friends. The restaurants serve different cuisines from all over the world. The meals are healthy and meet the international standard, and at the same time, they are highly affordable. Here are some of the best dinner restaurants in North York, ON.

La Traviata

La Traviata is the best Italian dinner restaurants in North York. It is located at 852 Wilson Ave and is open every day from 4 pm on most days of the week. The restaurant is most loved because they serve the best Italian food in the area. The restaurant is not expensive, and with between $11 and $30, you can get a healthy Italian dish. Payment is done cash or using credit or debit card. The restaurant offers a full bar and has a happy hour, which makes it not suitable for children.

Le Montmartre

Le Montmartre is a French restaurant that is located along 911 Sheppard Avenue in North York, ON. Le Montmartre is open from Monday to Saturday and offers Lunch and Dinner. The food in these restaurants is a bit expensive as the average menu price ranges between $31 and 60. All the food served in these restaurants has a French origin. Le Montmartre allows table reservation, take away but does not offer delivery services. If you have children, it’s good to know that La Montmartre is suitable for kids, group and friend.

Times Square Diner

Times Square Diner is one of the best dinners for your kids, and it’s located at 531 Wilson Heights. They offer a variety of cuisine from all parts of the world. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but most of the meals are served at dinner time. The restaurant can be accessed for those who use the wheelchair, and the washroom is unisex. For the menu range, you can get a meal with between $11 and $30; you can get a healthy meal.

Elite Grande Restaurant

Are you visiting North York, ON and you have always wished to have Russian dishes for dinner, your answer is Elite Grande Restaurant!  The restaurant is located at 1126 Finch Ave and is open from Monday to Sunday from 2 pm. The Russian dishes are offered in buffet style, and the menu price is above $61 on average. The restaurant is spacious, and there are live music and a dancing area. It is not suitable for small kids, but it’s good for couples, groups and friends meeting. Payment is via cash or using credit or debit cards.