Best dinner restaurant in Pickering ON

As a fast-growing residential community and a renowned tourist destination, Pickering, ON has a booming restaurant industry. These restaurants are spread out all over the city and offer a wide variety of local and international cuisines, great prices and the kind of services that you would expect in a much bigger city. Local diner restaurants are by far some of the most prominent businesses in town and designed to offer a homey and cozy dining environment to their clients. Below is a list of the best dinner eateries in Pickering Ontario, ON:


Located at 1305 Pickering Parkway, Amici is a lunch and dinner restaurant that operates from 11:30 am to 10 pm all week long. The restaurant offers a wide selection of dinner dishes in their menu which includes a good selection of foods for the small kids. Their tables are set in a very family friendly manner and the restaurant space is well lit and always lively. The restaurant’s choice of appetizers and salads is always great and so is their food.

Casa Verde Ristorante

If you’re into Italian cuisine, a visit to Casa Verde Ristorante on Old Kingston Road will only leave you craving for more. This restaurant features spacious homey eating space with classic light and is housed in a heritage home that has a small but charming patio. Some of their specials include garlic bread, tasty lamb, calamari, fettuccine Alfredo and a variety of cakes and drinks. It is the best spot for authentic Italian cuisine.


If you fancy tasty American fare in a classic space featuring a magnificently set indoor dining space and a classic alfresco dining option, PORT is the place. This restaurant is located at 1289 Wharf Street and offers impeccable services and professionally prepared dinner dishes. It is considered a perfect place for lunch and dinner dates due to the calm atmosphere and great views from the patio. PORT Restaurant also offers a great selection of wine to go with the food.

ChĂșuk | Bar, and Restaurant

Located at 774 Liverpool Road, ChĂșuk is an ultramodern dining spot which specializes in serving lunch and dinner with the dinner hours running from 5 pm to 10 pm. Their menu features a wide selection of great foods and drinks including some gluten-free options as well as specials for vegans and vegetarians. It is a perfect place for family dinners and the services and prices are very friendly.