Best Breakfast Restaurants Scarborough ON

Unlike its distant English seaside resort town known for donkey rides, fish and chips, and amusement parks, the suburb of Scarborough ON is a progressive modern community known for its diversity. Most Torontonians see the borough as a mosaic of multiple ethnicities that can only mean one thing. There are tons of exotic breakfast fares waiting for you to explore. Scarborough draws thousands of immigrants every year to its stunning natural scenery. Immigrants bring with them their culture and cordon bleu quickly assimilated by the borough’s community. If you ever find yourself in the downtown Toronto area, make sure you check out these breakfast restaurants in Scarborough. The experience is bound to be one of a lifetime.


The old school fare right in the strip mall on Victoria Park is famous for its Western sandwich and breakfast plates. There’s also a bar serving all kinds of drinks should you get the urge to down a few in the a.m. Locals know it as a well-run greasy spoon, which according to many, adds to its charm. They also serve brunch, but they don’t have Wi-Fi or a TV. The little fare is where you go for a quick bite in the morning in the company of friends.

Amazing Ted’s

The classic restaurant is a little ways off Old Kingston Road remains a local favorite since it opened its doors back in 1954. They serve old school breakfast plates of pancakes and bacon. Those, not the only plates that take you down memory line. The breakfast specials let you choose the meat you want for breakfast as well as what accompaniments you get with the pancakes. The 222 Combo is one of the favorite specials that get you two pancakes, three eggs, and the meat of your choice. You’ll want to grab it early in the morning though since prices go up during lunch hour.

Markham Station

Almost everyone from Scarborough knows about Markham Station. The name deceptively leads most to think the little fare is in Markham, but it’s not. Markham Station is located in the plaza at the end of Sheppard Avenue. There are lots of open spaces in the restaurant, and patrons flock there for the affordable all-day breakfast that never breaks the $7 mark. Students especially love the little fare because of the affordable yet hefty servings. Waiters are sweethearts, and they serve you finger licking eggs, home fries, bread, French toast, and other sweets. There’s a full bar, TV, and a private parking lot.