Best Breakfast Restaurants Markham ON

Catering for more than 1,000 tech companies, some of which are in the Fortune 500 list, you’d expect Markham ON city to have some of the best breakfast restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area. You wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption. there are tons of restaurants serving delicious breakfast and brunch dishes all day long. It doesn’t matter when you want a quick bite of your favorite breakfast meal. There’s always a restaurant nearby. Here are some of the best breakfast restaurants in the city.

Alchemy Coffee

Looking for a traditional breakfast restaurant? You can’t go wrong with the Alchemy Coffee restaurant. Located along Highway 7, it is one of the most accessible restaurants in Markham and serves all those tasty breakfast meals you grew up with. The menu has everything including salmon eggs, chicken and waffles, pancakes, and all the coffee you can drink. They are open every day of the week and you get a casual and hispter kind of atmosphere when you walk through the restaurant’s doors. There’s a private parking lot close by which is a great convenience because the only way you can get around Markham is by driving.

Ramona’s Kitchen

An all American fare, Romano’s Kitchen is where you go when craving for a greasy, fat, and deliciously wicked breakfast or brunch. It is a favorite spot for young people active in the city’s clubbing scene who claim they have the best cure for a hangover. The menu has everything from fried eggs and bacon sausages to vegan meals. You’ll want to try the dad’s full breakfast though. You get 3 eggs, bacon sausage, and tri-colored potatoes. Down that with a cup of coffee and you’re ready for anything the day has in store for you. The only downside to this little restaurant is, you can’t hang out with your friends here. That’s not such a bad thing because prices here are a bit steep. You wouldn’t want to the one picking the tab for brunch with your pals.

Sunset Grill

Craving for an old fashioned breakfast meal? Head over to the new plaza on Highway 7 to Sunset Grill. The name might be misleading a bit for folks looking for breakfast restaurants in Markham. Sunset and breakfast don’t really rhyme but don’t give up just yet. Sunset Grill opens up every day at 7 AM. They have some of the best staff in the city who always make sure patrons have a full cup. They give you the kind of service you’d expect at a mom’s and pop’s restaurant and they serve generous portions of everything. Pancakes here are thick and fluffy and the egg benedict has three eggs instead of two! If you’re hunkering for a heavy meal, go to the Sunset Grill.