Best Breakfast Restaurants in Uxbridge, ON

Breakfast just like any other meal is very crucial to the body. When you are having one make sure it is a good one. If you are in Uxbridge, Ontario then you will not be sort of the best places where you can have a good breakfast.

The city is brimming with fine restaurants where you will be served with an exceptionally good breakfast to kick start your day. Whether it is a cup of coffee or savory meals, there will always be a place in Uxbridge ON to sort your breakfast needs. Below are some of the best breakfast restaurants in Uxbridge.

Urban Pantry

Looking for a place to have your breakfast? The Urban Pantry is a place to be. It is located at 4 Toronto St, Uxbridge, Ontario. Here you can pick what you can have as your morning meal from the various varieties in the menu.

You can opt for a sandwich, a burger or even a very tasty coffee. Those who have dinned in this restaurant can bear witness that food here is of a great quality and the service is excellent.

Nexus Coffee Company

Coffee and tea are one of the most consumed drinks globally as breakfast. Where else can you get great coffee and tea apart from the Nexus coffee company? At this restaurant you can be served with breakfast or drinks depending on your preferences.

With an ample parking space, free off-street parking and acceptance of different modes of payments, here is one of the paces you can have your breakfast with the least of the worries. You can sit, relax and savor the taste of your coffee, tea or any other drink of your choice. 

Tin Cup Cafe

At the Tin cup cafe, you will not only have your breakfast but also you can pop in later for lunch. the atmosphere here is also amazing leave alone the decorations in the café. As if that is not enough, the quality of food and drinks here is very good. Once you have had your breakfast or lunch here, you will always be tempted to come back again.

McDonalds’s This is a fast food restaurant located at 296 Toronto St, Uxbridge, Ontario. Here you can have both breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food prepared here is not disappointing either. You get quality meals and also an excellent customer service. In addition, there is an adequate parking space at the location of the restaurant.