Best breakfast restaurants in Oshawa ON

Oshawa ON is a modernized city with a fast-growing population, great attractions and nice people. The city has a thriving restaurant industry that serves is a vast population and thousands of visitors each year. Below are some of the city’s most loved breakfast restaurants and what they have to offer:

The White Apron

This is a modern restaurant that specializes in serving tasty breakfast and lunch treats. This early morning joint which is located at 10 Bond Street opens at 7 am and goes on to offer your favorite food till 3 pm in the evening. The restaurant offers a great selection of food in their menu including a few specials for vegetarians and vegans. It is a very popular joint among people living in the downtown area and the only possible shortcoming would be the fact that the sitting area is not spacious enough. If you are looking for some great breakfast at a pocket-friendly price in Downtown Oshawa, just pop into The White Apron and you won’t be disappointed.

Dines Family Restaurant

If you like breakfast foods a lot, there is nothing better than a restaurant that serves breakfast all day long and such is Dines Family Restaurant. This modern joint which features a spacious area is also located within the downtown core at 400 King Street has been operational for a little over 50 years. The restaurant offers great services and professionally prepared delicacies including all-day breakfasts, Deli foods, steak and a variety of dinner foods. The restaurant opens from 7 am to 8 pm all week long.

Sherry’s Diner

Moving a little bit out of the downtown core, Sherry’s Diner is a medium-sized eatery located at 300 Taunton Road that is known for more than its rich food selection but also for its ambiance. The restaurant features a low ceiling adorned with dazzling lights, great wall decor, and cozy family-friendly sitting space. The restaurant offers exceptionally quick services and their food will make you keep coming back for more. Sherry’s Diner is definitely a restaurant you ought to try.

Rainbow Restaurant

If you like dining in a laid-back space with a homey appearance and rustic decor, the Rainbow Restaurant on Simcoe Street is a good option. Though the restaurant serves all three main meals, they offer a wide selection of breakfast dishes and there is something for everyone including vegans and vegetarians. It’s a perfect joint to grab breakfast with family or friends every time you’re in town.