Best breakfast restaurants in Newmarket, ON

Newmarket ON is a very beautiful community that started out as a simple farming village and evolved gradually following the arrival of various major railways and roadways to become an industrial hub and later a thriving market center. Currently, the town is predominantly a suburban community and a bedroom community for the much bigger nearby cities like Toronto and Mississauga. The city is home to a thriving restaurant industry featuring authentic international and local cuisines in different settings. Below is a list of some of Newmarket’s top Breakfast restaurants and what they have to offer:

Happy All-Day Breakfast & Lunch

Located at 17665 Leslie Street at the heart of the town’s downtown area is Happy All-Day Breakfast & Lunch, a small family-style restaurant that offers an all-day breakfast menu and lunch food. The restaurant not only serves a wide variety of tasty breakfast foods but also offers some of the best and quickest services in town and their prices are standard. Some of the specials offered at Happy All-Day Breakfast & Lunch include the much loved multigrain toast, fries, baked goods, coffee and more. The food is served in large portions. Happy All-Day Breakfast & Lunch opens from 6: 30 and is the perfect place to grab an early breakfast before you head out to work.

Sunset Grill

Next is Sunset Grill, a modern breakfast joint serving all breakfast staples in a warm and comfy family-friendly setting! They have the best pancakes, waffles, eggs benny, and bacon in town. They also serve some gluten-free food options and special for vegetarians, vegans, and children. The Sunset Grill is located at 17205 Leslie Street in downtown Newmarket and opens from 7 am to 3 pm. It is the perfect everyday breakfast joint for the whole family.

Daybreak Restaurant

This is another early breakfast restaurant located at 1065 Davis Drive that serves American breakfast fare in a well-lit space just off Leslie Street. The restaurant has a group of very professional and very friendly serves who make you feel welcome and loved from the moment you walk in through the door. You can also order your food and pick it up or have it delivered to your place.


Last on the list is Daybreak, a casual eatery-breakfast joint that serves a great selection breakfast grub and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is usually very busy considering their ever-growing reputation but you’ll be seated and attended to the moment you walk in. Daybreak is located at York Town Square in downtown Newmarket and opens from 6 am to 3 pm all week long.