Best breakfast restaurants in Ajax ON

Ajax town happens to be a fast growing town with an equally fast-growing eco-tourism industry which a big part of the local economy. This has led to the emergence of a bustling food scene with the town over two dozen restaurants and eating joints serving exotic foods and drinks from all over the world. Below are some of Ajax’s top breakfast restaurants:

Angelique’s Family Restaurant

Since 2003 Angelique’s Family Restaurant has been serving the residents of Ajax ON with mouthy watering meals in generous portions and at pocket-friendly prices. This contemporary restaurant has a comfortable family-friendly setting that makes it home and cozy at the same time. Located at 31 Barr Road, the restaurant opens from 7 am to 3 pm all week. Angelique’s Family Restaurant has gained popularity and a large local following to its customers due to their consistency and tradition of offering the best breakfast dishes in Ajax, ON. This eatery has the best customer services as the attendants are welcoming and attentive and very friendly. Their extensive menu features a wide selection of delicious breakfast dishes prepared using locally sourced ingredients and served according to your request.

Michael’s Eatery

This is a popular all-day breakfast eatery located at 44 Commercial Avenue and operates from 6 am to 5 pm. Being at the heart of the town’s business district and the fact that the restaurant has perfected the art of being good in everything from opening easy to serving healthy and spicy breakfast dishes, Michael’s Eatery has gained popularity among most of Ajax’s residents. It is a designated breakfast restaurant. For over 20 years, Michael’s Eatery has been genuine to its customers and their staff is always decent, friendly and quick to serve. They have a well-diversified menu and their meals are homemade giving you the feel at home aura. The sitting area is spacious and well set to accommodate small to medium-sized groups of making it a good place for family breakfasts and gatherings.

Jolie Café

Located at 94 Harwood Avenue, Jolie Café boasts on providing iced and hot drinks including organic, fair trade tea and coffee, dessert, sandwiches and more for all your breakfast needs. Opening from 7:30 am to 5 pm, Jolie Café offers its super delicious breakfast food at fair prices. The service quality is impeccable and the atmosphere is very friendly and warm. They also offer high-quality outdoor catering services at reasonable prices.

Other top choice breakfast restaurants in Ajax include: What A Bagel, Myrtle`s Kitchen, and Helmand Kabab House just to mention a few.