Areas to live in Stouffville ON

Stouffville, ON is a fast growing primary urban community which forms part of Whitchurch-Stouffville town within the affluent Ontario province. Stouffville had a record 100.5% population growth in the period between 2006 and 2011. This increase saw the local inhabitants rise from 12,411 to 24,886.

Stouffville was established in the early 1800s as a mere hamlet by American-born Abraham Stouffer. To honor his work in the development of the area, the hamlet was named Stoufferville but was changed to Stouffville for simplicity a few years later when the local post office was established in 1832.

Fast forward to 1877, Stouffville had experienced a lot of growth and increase in population and this led to its incorporation as a village. Due to the village’s small size, a decision was made to amalgamate Whitchurch Township with Stouffville to from what is now known as Whitchurch–Stouffville town with Stouffville remaining a designated community within the newly formed town.

A section of Stouffville was discovered to have been the site of a Huron village dating back to the 1600s. The village was approximated to have been home to around 2000 inhabitants who lived in of longhouses. This discovery was made during a land development project in 2003 near the Mantle Site. A lot of artifacts were retrieved from the site.

Today, Stouffville development is concentrated around a small section known as ‘Urban Stouffville’ located on Whitchurch–Stouffville town’s southeastern corner. Just like many other local municipalities, Stouffville, ON has several well-established neighborhoods that are both affordable and family friendly.

If you want something luxurious, Wheler’s Mill neighborhood is a perfect place to start looking. The neighborhood is conveniently located near a splash pad and a few blocks from the local schools. If you’re going for something older and prestigious, the downtown core consists of great homes and bungalows with a rustic charm and great ambiance. This location is connected to major roadways making it easily accessible from within and outside Whitchurch-Stouffville town.

For nature lovers, the strategically positioned Cardinal Point neighborhood is a perfect pick. Majority of the homes here are directly or closely bordered by trails, bringing nature to your backyard! This neighborhood also boasts of its proximity to the famous GO station, offering the residents a cheap and hassle-free means of transport for those going out of town. Another great location for nature lovers that is guaranteed to keep them excited all the time is the area next to Musselman Lake.