Annual events in Newmarket, ON

Newmarket, ON is a very charming town that boasts an urban setting and a rural town feeling. The Town is a popular bedroom community of the neighboring Toronto city, Canada’s largest and most economically prolific urban community. Apart from having a lot of fun amenities and features like parks, lakes and recreational centers, the town takes pride in being home to some of the York Region’s most popular annual events. Below is an overview of some popular annual events in Newmarket and what they have to offer:

Black History Month                                                                                                                 

This is an annual event that goes on for over twenty days in the month of February that is aimed at celebrating and appreciating the history and culture of the African Canadian people. The event features lots of learning, live entertainments, presentations from renowned people and lots of food, drinks, and music. Newmarket’s Black History Month is one of the longest-running events in Canada.

Busker Festival

This event takes place on Main Street in the heart of Newmarket’s downtown core and features performances by very talented street performers from around the world. This July event takes place in the afternoon and is a perfect family fun event.

Canada Day

Despite being a national event, Newmarket’s Canada Day celebration is one of a kind. Mostly held at the famous Community Centre & Riverwalk Commons, this free event to celebrate the country’s birthday features a lot of live entertainment shows, group activities, kid’s entertainment and a wide variety of foods and drinks. Just like in any other town, the celebration ends with a blaze of fireworks in the Newmarket sky.

Family Day Fun

This is a very popular event that attracts hundreds of families from the entire beyond. The event features a wide range of family activities and is a platform for bonding and spending time with family and friends. The event also features entertainment and food vendors and is held in the month of February.

First Night

This is a local event that takes place on New Year’s Eve and is aimed at celebrating the first of night of the coming year. The event features lots of music and lives entertainment plus foods and drinks enough to drown the people in festivities.

March Music & Magic

Last but not least, March Music & Magic is an indoor annual event that features a plethora of activities including music, on-stage magic shows, crafts, children’s activities and more.