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Best Fixed Windows Manufacturer Ontario

Picture or fixed windows are generally very easy to manufacture since they involve less mechanisms. Nonetheless, if you want to make the whole window a picture window, the major factors to consider are aesthetics and ventilation. Fixed windows don’t open since their purpose is to offer unlimited natural light and a beautiful view while protecting your house from harsh weather conditions throughout the year.

Fixed Windows

  • Advanced interlock system provides highest quality of energy efficiency
  • Triple sealed sashes for added energy efficiency
  • Built-in drainage system allows water to quickly drain outside


What are Fixed Windows?

Fixed picture windows are unable to open or close, and hence their name ‘fixed’.  The glass panes are fitted directly into the frame, thereby improving insulation. In most cases, these energy efficient windows are used together with other types of windows. Some homeowners also use them to accent other windows in the home (also known as transoms).

Fixed windows can be used in living rooms, entryways or installed in the ceilings as elegant skylights. These energy efficient windows help to lower energy costs with minimal air loss, making them a great choice for almost any home.

Fixed Windows Framing Materials

There are different types of window frames for picture windows. For the most energy efficient windows for your property, fiberglass provides great durability with minimal maintenance demands. On the other hand, aluminum frames are an affordable and durable option.

Getting vinyl frames also ensures your windows are particularly easy to clean since they are resistant to grime and dirt. Despite being a more expensive option, traditional wooden frames can greatly add value to your property. Although they are sometimes too weak to hold double-glazed units like many other windows, wooden window frames are a stylish choice for your energy efficient windows.

If you’re looking for the most energy efficient windows for your property, read on to learn about the benefits of fixed windows.

What are the Benefits of Picture /Fixed Windows?

Picture windows are very attractive so they offer an elegant and stylish presentation in the form of color and material. They also feature both modern and minimalist designs. These windows work to improve the external view while bringing in a lot of natural light into the house.

Secure and Sound Proof Fixed Windows

Fixed windows promote a sense of security and safety since they have no sash or movable window panel to encourage prying. The choice of glazing material and design for picture windows also depends on your individual preferences as well. They may be quite difficult to clean in some cases, but if the windows can be accessed from outside the house, it is incredibly easy to clean the windows in a uniform manner.

Fixed windows also allow less noise to enter the house, which ultimately allows you to enjoy a good night’s sleep after a long, tiring day.

Fixed windows are often used in office spaces, nurseries and nature parks to offer a clear view of both interior and exterior activities. Additionally, they can be used in modern homes to ensure a clear view while allowing plenty of natural light to enter the house.

Modern Fixed Windows Styles

Fixed picture windows are available in many styles. They have lower, upper, middle and even side sections. These windows are often made from glass and vinyl with sealing materials inside the frame to help prevent air and water leaking from penetrating your house.

Replacing Fixed Window Costs

Depending on the various options such as glazing, size, and materials, the cost of windows can vary. Besides the cost of picture windows, homeowners should also plan for installation costs.

Compared to other types of windows, picture windows are the most affordable type of windows. You can save money on weather stripping and the time it would take to set up movable sashes. Due to their lack of ventilation, these windows are also very energy efficient and make a great addition to almost any home.

Compare Fixed Window Prices

At Omega Windows, we take pride in providing high quality products and reliable customer service. We will evaluate your needs and preferences to provide you with the right designs and styles for your fixed picture windows so your house or workplace will be attractive, secure and safe from harsh weather conditions.

We proudly serve Ontario and the surrounding area. Our highly qualified staff are available and happy to help you with any questions about our fixed windows or any other type of window that you may be considering. Contact Omega Windows today to get started!