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Best Bow Windows Manufacturer Ontario

Bow Windows are a very important part of any home. Unfortunately, some people are unaware of the benefits of having fully functional windows. One of the main benefits is allowing natural light into the home, which is actually important for our existence. We, as humans, are unable to see well in the dark, so without windows, more and more artificial lights would be required and energy bills would increase drastically. Additionally, natural light is good for your eyes and windows can also help enhance airflow in your house.

As windows age over time, however, they can be detrimental to your house. For that reason, regular maintenance is of the utmost importance. At the same time, there are instances where simple maintenance does not work and drastic measures have to be taken. When this situation occurs, the most common options are bow windows and replacement windows.


Residential Bow Window Features

  • Can be used with casements or double hungs
  • Bow windows consist of 4 or more windows of equal size joined together (10° or 15° angle)
  • Projects outwards giving you added space in your home


What Are Bow Windows?

Are you considering designing your new home or upgrading your older home? Windows are an integral part of any home’s overall design. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the benefits various types of windows can offer. A longtime favourite among homeowners, the bay window, offers a number of impressive benefits. You can boost your home’s appearance, value, energy savings and more by installing these multi-functional windows in your home.

While you already know what replacement windows are, you might not be familiar with how bow and bay windows work. Bow windows won’t replace your existing windows. Instead, they are installed on top of them to form an outer layer that protects the original windows.

Bow windows are a great choice if you want to enhance the energy efficiency of your home but don’t have the funds available to replace all of your original windows.

How Do Bow Windows Really Work?

As windows age over time, they usually lose energy in two ways: conduction and infiltration. Conduction refers to heat and cold passing via the material that a window is made from. On the other hand, infiltration is where air passes through the window. These issues are common among old, single pane windows. That’s why bow windows are often installed on top of them.

While a variety of materials can be used to make the frames of these windows, PVC is usually preferred because it is a non-conductive material. Moreover, a variety of glass choices are available including some that have low-emissivity coatings. When fitted well, bow windows form an airtight layer over the older windows to reduce loss of energy through infiltration.  On the other hand, bow windows eliminate loss of energy through conduction since they are made from a non-conductive material.

The Benefits of Bow Windows

Save money on your utility bills: according to some reports, energy efficient windows can reduce your monthly energy bills by as much as 30 percent. If your current windows are allowing heat to escape during cold days and hot air to enter during the hotter seasons, you’re spending much more money on coaling and heating than you should.

More cost-effective than replacing the windows: more and more homeowners opt for bow windows instead of totally replacing their existing windows simply because they don’t have the money for costly renovations. If the condition of one or a number of your home’s windows has worsened, then this is not something you can afford to postpone for a long time. Bow windows are a cheaper option than replacement windows and they can still improve the appearance, energy efficiency and overall value of your home considerably.

Enhanced Insulation

Once they are properly installed, bow windows create an air space between the older and new windows that help to enhance insulation, thereby keeping your home warmer and more comfortable.

Protects your current windows

Bow windows can also help protect your existing windows against the elements. Your windows will, therefore, last longer since they are no longer exposed to rain, snow, wind, dust and debris. That also means that you won't need to maintain them so frequently.

Lower noise levels

Single pane windows are not very good at blocking out noise from the street or your neighbour's home. Bow windows can greatly reduce noise levels and help you get a good night’s sleep in readiness for an early start.

Improve the appearance of your property

Some homeowners many initially fear that these windows will be unattractive, but nothing could be further from the truth. Due to the wide range of different designs and styles currently available, bow windows can actually help improve the curb appeal of your home.

It is also important to point out here that bow windows can also be fitted on the interior side of the existing windows, and can actually be more affordable than those fitted on the exterior side.

Omega Windows offers and installs a wide range of customized windows, including bay and bow windows and have earned a great reputation serving customers in Ontario over the years.

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