Health food stores in Ajax ON

Ajax, ON is home to a plethora of health food stores that are committed to promoting a healthy community through natural and organic products. Below is an overview of the above-mentioned stores:

Health Plus Nutrition Centre

Since 1998, Health Plus Nutrition Centre has been serving the residents of area of Ajax  Ontario with Non-GMO, Organic and Gluten Free Foods and supplements helping them live a healthy balanced lifestyle. Located at 145 Kingston Road, Health Plus Nutrition Centre has the best customer services and their stores are always packed with healthy products directed to its customers. Their attendants are knowledgeable and very helpful when it comes to assisting their clients with recommendations and instructions. This health food store has a wide selection of products all coming at unbeatable prices. The store runs from 10 am to 8 pm daily except on Sundays.

Healthy Planet Ajax

This is a vitamin and supplements store located at 280 Kingston Rd that opens from 9:30 am to 9 pm daily. They have a variety of products to choose from and they have roomy spaces allowing free flow of activities there. The attendants are very helpful and knowledgeable and the owner is always around to ensure customer satisfaction. They have an online platform selling the products and quick and reliable deliveries services. They are dedicated to providing the best quality vitamins, supplements and natural remedies for all your lifestyle need at affordable prices.

Healing Spirit Nutrition

This natural foods store uses food as medicine to assist with healing from within to the outside. Since 2013, Healing Spirit Nutrition has been offering dairy-free, organic, living, gluten-free, live-raw, fermented, vegan, and sprouted healing foods all tested and certified at the allowed standards. They offer whole family health and lifestyle remedies including those some for pets. Opening from 10 am to 7 pm, Healing Spirit Nutrition food store serves the residents of Ajax and its neighbors with well-researched information and products at pocket-friendly prices. They have outstanding products that are unique to that given store. The attendants are knowledgeable and they always go an extra mile to explain and answer all your questions while giving pieces of advice and recommendation where need be. The store is always clean and the products are well packed and neatly organized on shelves for an easy shopping experience.

Popeye’s Supplements Ajax

Located at 65 Kingston Rd E Unit 4, Popeye’s is a high-end vitamins and supplements store that offers all the latest products from renowned brands. The store is run by a team of dedicated staff members who fully understand how the supplements work and will definitely get something that will work for your condition.